Daniel Pilarczyk


Before starting my adventure with 3D graphics I worked as a construction site worker, barkeeper and sales assistant.
The very day I purchased my first computer, however,
I decided to put my art school education to good use and barricaded myself in my room for half a year, learning 3D modeling. In it I found my true passion.

In 2009 I joined the game development studio Reality Pump as character artist,
working on projects such as SACRILEGIUM, TWO WORLDS 2 Pirates of the Flying Fortress, and IRON SKY INVASION.

In 2012 I decided to go independent by starting my own business and creating 3D assets for outsourced projects, such as STARFORCE DELTA by the Austrian game development studio PRO 3 GAMES.

The thing I enjoy most about 3D asset creation is that with every new project I learn new skills and techniques.

I live in beautiful Cracow, Poland with my lovely wife and sleepy cat.
I love to relax while biking in my spare time, as well as going canoeing with friends once a year.